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Making it Through the Middle

You and I are in the middle of something. The thing we are in is Universal, we are all in the middle of this together. I want to encourage you to not give up in the middle. In the middle of any situation! That is the very purpose of this post! Do what you need to do to to make it through this season or any challenging season! This post includes some ways to make it through the middle. May you find encouragement, support, confidence and hope! 

Throughout life we are always in the middle of something. We go through things. We have times of waiting. In the waiting we are right in the middle of something, hoping for a good outcome. The "Middle" can be days, weeks, months or years. The something can be a small something or a huge something. It can bring little change to our lives or it can bring huge major changes to our lives. 

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1. "In the middle of something":In a positio…

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