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Oregon Lavender Destinations Trip 2019

For years my Mom and I have wanted to check out the multiple Lavender Farms that are in our State of  Oregon.  We have been to a Lavender Field before and we have been to a private Lavender Labyrinth where my brother proposed to his wife, just not any of the festivals or the bigger farms. Each year during July something happens and we never get around to going. Not this year. This year we made it happen!

In my Mother's Day gift this year, I included a little gift certificate for a day at a Lavender Farm. ( We actually used a home made gift certificate) Does anyone else have past experiences with homemade gift certificates being made with intention but get lost or never redeemed)

I did some online research to figure out where we should go to see some Lavender. It is a well known fact that Oregon has a lot of Lavender Fields. I knew it was a thing but I didn't know the extent of it and that the Oregon Lavender Association has a website and pamphlet called the "Oregon Laven…

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