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"I Think I need to take you to the ER"

Friday August 30, 2019

It was a typical Friday, I had the Alexa set for 90 minutes to do 30 minutes of undistracted rest through out the day. This is the "Pacing" practice I do each day when I am at home. I was outside in the front and ended up in a long conversation with a Neighbor. I could feel it getting to the end of the 90 minutes as I was getting more fatigued. We were in a deep discussion on the neighborhood history. The Neighbor didn't know that they had taken the back part of the "Crazy House" and was rebuilding from the ground up.  We walked over between our house and the "Crazy House". He was shocked. He knew and provided an whole lot of additional information so I let him talk away.

The thing is I could hear the Alexa alarm going off from outside through the window to our bedroom as he was talking. We talked a little longer and finished up the conversation back in the front.  When I came inside I was beyond exhausted! All I knew was that I…

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