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"I Can Walk Again, Jesus Healed My Legs!"

You may be thinking how did I end up in a wheelchair? To read the full details of what occurred on August 30, 2019 click on the following link:
"I Think I Need To Take You to the ER"

I have not been able to walk at all, take any steps forward since August 30, 2019. My feet have been what I have been calling "glued to the ground" when I would try to take steps forward and walk. They would not move at all. My legs would tense up and feel stiff. I swayed back and forth trying to get my feet to take a step forward. Nothing!

I have dealt with mobility issues in different forms since 2006 after an Auto Collision with a Dump Truck but this was a new symptom of completely loosing the ability to walk and having to be in a wheelchair for almost 6 months.

When January 2015 came around the walking declined even more so and has been getting worse with each passing year. I have been on a spectrum of being able to walk my "normal" to my left dragging, to trying to shuffle b…

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