Making It Through what?

We are all Making It Through something (or trying to).
This wild ride called LIFE!

The Hard times
The Good times,
The trying times
The Waiting times.

We are all trying to make it through something.  Another Monday. The rest of the work week. A stressful situation. A difficult relationship. A rocky marriage. A difficult child.  A divorce. An addiction. An unexpected financial loss. A Chronic illness or an injury. An unwanted disease.  The loss of a loved one. The death of a loved one. Behaviors of people or situations we don't understand. A broken or lonely heart. Our thoughts at night when we can't sleep.

We may be waiting for the fruition of our hopes and dreams. For Healing. For the love of your life. The hope of having a child. A job promotion. Finishing a goal, a long deserved break or vacation. Retirement.

Who or what do we turn to help us during these times?
Whatever your something is there is hope.

 Through Him!


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