How to make a Date Book

A couple year ago, when we were literally snowed in I made a "Date Book" for my Husband. I had a lot of time on my hands so it was the perfect time to be able to work on this little project. It was also part of his birthday gift that year.

We did some of the dates but it kind of fell to the way side because of my health.  Until now, I am bringing back the Date Book this year and hopefully for years to come. This is a great tool to keep the fun and adventure in our lives.   

I used an old Readers Digest Book as the base of the "Date Book" I took out the pages and painted over the front and side of the cover. I chose to paint it red because red is one of my Husband's favorite colors.  I used cardstock to make new pages and glued them to the book binding. I cut a piece of ribbon and tied it around the book as a finishing touch.

This Date Book includes 12 Dates One for each month of the year. You can do the same or you can custom make it any way you would like. I decided to go for the Scrapbook look. I love how it came together and turned out. I always start out small and my projects seem to grow and grow into something super creative ( and big!).

Now that we know what the outside looks like, let's take a closer look on the inside.

The January Date! All things January: Stickers, snowflakes, blue and Winter. I included a pocket on each page to hold the little Date of the month envelope. You can choose to open the date card on the first day of the month or open it when you are ready to schedule the date. Also, You can plan all 12 Date ideas at the beginning of the month or you can plan as you go. The great thing about this style is that you can use it over and over by changing out the dates in the envelopes. 

The pocket on the right side of the two pages hold the Date envelope. The envelope is distressed with a distressing ink pad. I put washi tape over the adhesive part of the envelope. I used a hole punch to punch out two holes on the back side of the envelope.  I strung some string through the holes and made a bow. I'm happy on how it turned out.

Optional: You can add some blank pages for Journaling. You can write down what you did on the date or write down a special memory that you don't want to forget. Feel free to adhere pictures later from your date or a special keep sake . This is another special touch.

I wrote a little description on what we did on the January Date. 

My Husband's Birthday is January 8th so for this year I decided to do "The birthday
Date" for January. This date is an "All About You" theme.  I used an Index Card to write out the date idea. You can choose to incorporate all of the birthday person's favorite things. You can plan ahead and make it a surprise on all that will be done on the birthday date or you can let them choose what they would like to do since it is their birthday.

We went to the new food truck court place called "The Yard Food Park". Shawn tried a German Pizza. The pizza had sausage and sauerkraut on it. I got a salad from a different Food Truck. The Food Park is really big and pretty impressive. There is a huge building in the middle and the food trucks are on the east and west side of the building. The building is full of table and chairs and includes a bar and a place to get coffee. There is also places to sit out back on the North side along with some outside games.

Outside The Yard Food Park
 After dinner we went to F.Y.E and looked around a little. We ended the night by going to a movie. Our theatre upgraded to recliners so now I can handle going to the movies a little more. We saw Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. We had a great night!

I'm so thankful to be able to start our Date Nights back up by using the Date Book. This is a great way to be intentional in dating our spouses. Stay tuned for next month's date!

Will you make one? How do you incorporate Date Night into your monthly schedule? Where do you get your inspiration for Date Night?

Love and Prayers ❤


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