"I Can Walk Again, Jesus Healed My Legs!"

You may be thinking how did I end up in a wheelchair? To read the full details of what occurred on August 30, 2019 click on the following link:

"I Think I Need To Take You to the ER"

I have not been able to walk at all, take any steps forward since August 30, 2019. My feet have been what I have been calling "glued to the ground" when I would try to take steps forward and walk. They would not move at all. My legs would tense up and feel stiff. I swayed back and forth trying to get my feet to take a step forward. Nothing!

I have dealt with mobility issues in different forms since 2006 after an Auto Collision with a Dump Truck but this was a new symptom of completely loosing the ability to walk and having to be in a wheelchair for almost 6 months.

To read what happened on October 14, 2006 click on the link above. 

When January 2015 came around the walking declined even more so and has been getting worse with each passing year. I have been on a spectrum of being able to walk my "normal" to my left dragging, to trying to shuffle both legs, to not being able to move or walk at all. My body would become stiff as a board. My Husband would have to carry me or use his computer chair to get me to bed. In 2018, I finally gave in and started using a transportation chair after using one at the hospital when my Gma was there. It changed from a "I don't want to use this, to wow I really need to use this." when I sat down and used a transportation chair for the first time. Before, I would just struggle and try to walk on my own as long as I could before my legs would stop working. 

The Transportation Chair August 2018

I haven't been able to go to church for over a year. 2019 seemed to be the year where the walking and the overall health of this body continued to decline even more significantly as shown in the following video:

With rest I was always able to walk again until this particular day. Something changed and the walking didn't come back. I have had flare days after over exertion or flare weeks after surgeries where I couldn't walk and would need assistance but after 2 weeks the walking and my overall state would return to my "Normal". This was different the walking did not return.

After August 30th, I did get to a state where I could transfer to a walker (that my new Primary had ordered for me earlier in the year) and push myself around in the house on the walker using me legs to scoot around. However, with the chronic fatigue sometimes my leg would begin to drag or I would loose all ability and not be able to use my legs sitting on the walker. I would become stuck in the kitchen or in the hallway and would need full assistance for someone to push me to the bathroom and back to bed.

The Walker my New Primary got me prior to August 30th to help when my legs slowed down.

My Husband and I had purchased a huge old wheelchair from a Thrift Store that we came across that was on sale for $20. We couldn't pass up the deal. We would use it in stores to conserve energy or when my legs would stop working completely when we were out and about. It was too big for in the house. My Husband and I just did what we had to do each day to live our lives and get through the day prior to being led to Dr. Dorris. 

The Thrift Store Wheel Chair Deal made it's way to Maryland and back with us!

At night when I got into bed I began to notice that my shins began to hurt and the walker was tearing up all the door entryways in our home. I called my new Primary Doctor to let her know that I thought I was developing Shin Splints and asked if I could possibly get a wheelchair ordered that would fit in the doorways of our home. I got the new wheel chair the Monday before Christmas of 2019. It fit in our doorways and I fit in it much better. It was much more comfortable and easier for my Husband and others to maneuver as well. 

The Brand New Wheel Chair delivered days before Christmas 2019!

Who would of thought being in a wheelchair would bring up so many triggers. I began to take note and pay more attention to exactly what was triggering me. I began to pray and ask God what was going on. He revealed to me during one of my 30 minute "Pacing" rests. It was as if He just downloaded the whole reason and the different scenarios. It was pretty amazing and I am trusting God to help me process and deal with the reasons behind these emotional triggers. There were other triggers as well that would be normal for anyone who went over night from not being able to do what you once were able to do with two able walking legs.

A couple days before the healing, I had a visual in my mind of a Military person or someone who is having to relearn how to walk from an injury. The visual was the two parallel bars and the person taking steps and learning how to walk again. My next thought was that it was interesting that neither my Primary Doctor or the Specialist we saw in October of 2019 at Johns Hopkins Maryland had not brought up the not being able to walk piece. If they had any idea why I couldn't walk, what may have happened, could they put me in some kind of physical therapy to see if I could relearn to walk. Nothing! I remember specifically in the Johns Hopkins appointment when I brought up the August 30th incident and showed him how I couldn't walk. All he said was "I think that is something totally different." That was it. I was actually going to ask about the walking at my upcoming Primary Doctor appointment March 5, 2020. So I am extremely thankful Jesus took care and healed my legs! 

It was February 19, 2020 and I was working on something downstairs (Yes, I would crawl up and down the stairs of our basement) and when I came back up I was in our bedroom sitting on the bed. I didn't know what to do with myself. I have had no desire to watch TV for months. I went to the floor facedown and began to pray. I need help, I don't know how much more of this I can take God. "Heal me Lord, or take me home." (This has been my recent inner cry when I don't know what to do with myself or the exhaustion is so intense all I can do is just lay in bed.) I prayed in the Spirit as well, I felt so desperate for Prayer. I got back in the wheelchair and wheeled into the kitchen where my Husband was. I just sat there staring straight forward. My Husband knowing something was wrong said "Do you want to try to watch something?" I said "No." He asked if I wanted to take a drive." I said "No" He asked "Do you want to go to Riverfront Park?" "I said "No."

I turned the wheelchair back around and got as far as the hallway and just stopped. Without any thought or hesitation I called my Cousin. He answered! I asked if he was at Bible Study and he said "Yes." I said something and he responded "Do you need prayer?" I responded with a "Yes." My Cousin said they could stop by after Bible Study and pray. I said "No, I need God's people to anoint me with oil, lay hands on me and pray with me. I asked about what time did the Bible Study get over. He said usually 8:00-8:30 pm. I asked if I could come towards the end and if they would be willing to Anoint me with oil and pray with me. He said "Yes". He let the group know we were on our way.
We arrived and my Husband and Cousin carried me in the wheelchair down several steps to the basement and wheeled me over to an open space to be prayed for. The people who were there gathered around my Husband and me in the wheel chair. I was asked my name and if I believed by Faith if Jesus could heal me. (Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. James 5:14-15)

I said my name and "Yes, I believed Jesus can heal me". I was anointed with oil (It smelled so good!) and all who were present gathered around my Husband and myself in the wheelchair and began to pray by Faith. We all began to pray and praying in the Spirit, speaking in tongues. We prayed for what felt like 10-15 minutes.
I was then asked if I could walk at all and I replied by explaining that my feet are as if they are glued to the ground and I can't take any steps forward. He asked if I wanted to try to walk. I said "Yes". I stood up. We continued to pray. I tried to walk. I could feel the stiffness. I could feel the tension. I could feel a strong resistance that I had never felt before.

I felt someone run their hands down the back and front of my legs. I was praying as well and then I had the thought "How long are we going to pray if nothing happens." Then the thought came to me "Stop Trying". I stopped trying to walk.

I felt from my knees down to my feet relax. Then I felt my right heel began to slowly lift up gradually off the ground. It was slow and gradual until my whole foot gradually peeled up off the ground and my foot swung forward! I took my first step! Then it was the left foots turn and slowly my left heel lifted up until my whole foot peeled up off the ground and swung forward again. My second step! Jesus was healing me! We kept praying and moving forward taking swinging steps and baby steps after baby steps. It was gradual. I was bowed over. I was praying with all I had and fighting through to accept this healing.

We made it to the end of the row of tables. Someone yelled out "Turn her around!" We kept walking and the steps gradually became better and better to actual steps. I remember my body raised up and I was not bowed over anymore. Thank You Jesus, you are healing me! We walked back and forth with one gentleman on each side of me holding onto my forearm on each side of me. We walked back and forth many times. We continued and when we returned again to the end of the tables I said "I would like to try to walk on my own." The two let go and I was able to walk on my own. Hallelujah! We walked more and the two kept to my side. When we made it back down and turned around and came back I went to my Husband and hugged him for a long time.

The walking continued to get better and better. We did a lot of walking and kept praying. The people who were there to witness the miracle were praising God and started singing as we kept walking back and forth between the row of tables.

After, watching the video for the first time I was trying to find the right words to describe the way I looked as I was being asked questions at the end. I have been trusting God and hanging in there the best that I can for a long time. This was a fight and God wins! God healed me and I was beyond happy. I look stoic and no expression or any type of emotion seem to be showing across my face. I was still praying and fighting to receive a full healing of walking. Thank you, Lord! Prayers have been going up, I have been listening to teachings and the Word being delivered on YouTube videos, been praying, listening to worship music and confessing God's Word out loud as I am learning from my Mature Christian Friends. I've been reading "The One Year Bible" I have been refusing to give up, give in and not serve my Savior. I have been learning to stop asking "Why is this happening?" and instead choosing to Praise God. I have tried to stop complaining and instead continue to list everything I am thankful for in my Daily Planner every day. It has been the Lord's battle and He won and He will continue to win.Trust Him with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Reach out to God, reach out to His people, give all your cares and worries to Him because He cares for you deeply! Once you get a breakthrough don't stop believing and being diligent in what you were doing before. Press on, there is so much more that God wants to do!

I took this video of my Husband and I walking together after I was able to walk on my own. My Husband and I walked together back and forth several times. We can walk side by side again!
By the end of the night I was able to walk out the back of the basement, up those same stairs I was carried in on a wheelchair, walk through gravel, through the parking lot and get into our car unassisted. When we got home I was able to get out of the car on my own. I said "Hallelujah, I can do yard work now!" as I got out of the car. I walked up the stairs that I have been crawling up and down since August and walked inside and walked all around! I had my family who were not present come over to witness this miracle in person. There were many tears of Joy and thankfulness that the Lord had heard our prayers!

Praise You Lord for healing me! Thank You for this Healing Miracle! May you receive all the honor and glory Lord! As you read this, and see these videos of this Healing Miracle may it encourage and strengthen your faith, In Jesus name, Amen.

I want to thank my Family and Friends who have been praying for me, interceding on my behalf, keeping me in their thoughts, checking up on me, messaging me. It has been a long 12 plus year Healing Journey and God has been with me and has been so faithful a long the way. There is still more work for Him to do.

Please continue to pray for me as I am still praying and believing for a complete healing from some other serious symptoms. I am being told that I may be dealing with what is called "Stiff Person Syndrome". To read more about these other symptoms and what you can pray for please read "My Story Continues" . I have not publicly shared this post yet as it explains my Healing Journey of finding a doctor who who would see me after my old doctor gave up on me and I tried to find a doctor for over a year. My new Doctor listened to me, diagnosed me and ended up sending me and my Husband to go see the top Specialist in the world at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland in October of 2019.

I encourage you that if you don't know the Lord yet and don't have a personal relationship with Him, to ask Him to reveal Himself to you. If You are going through some tough things and want to give up I pray and ask that you will choose to never give up! The Lord is faithful! I have been through some unbelievable situations and He has always seen me through!

Pray this simple prayer and know that you are saved and have a Savior that loves you, will help you and one day be in Heaven with:

Lord Jesus, I need You. I want You to be my Savior and Lord. I accept Your death on the cross as the complete payment for my sins. Thank You for forgiving me and for giving me new life. Help me to grow in my understanding of Your love and power so that my life will bring honor to You. Amen.

Please let me know if you prayed this so that I can rejoice with you. The Angels in heaven are rejoicing:

Jesus said, "I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents."
 Luke 15:10
Love and Prayers, ❤
Amber Wegmuller

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