National Relaxation Day

Hello and Happy National Relaxation Day!

Living with a Chronic Illness forces my body to slow down and have to rest.  I am a doer at heart. I enjoy being on the move, getting stuff done, being active, creating, going and doing. Sitting around is not fun to me. I have had to learn to listen to my body, slow down and find things to occupy my time while laying down and being stuck in bed on bad pain days. I have had to learn to simply RELAX and not fight the need to rest.

When I am feeling good I still fall into the category of go. go. go., do. do. do. I have had to change my mindset. I am continuing to work on this each day. The main take away from going to the OHSU Fibromyalgia Clinic last year was to take breaks during the day. I was also advised to find sit down hobbies that I enjoy.  I am learning to be intentional with scheduling times of relaxation and sit down activities to help combat chronic fatigue.

What do you like to do to relax? Do you take time to relax or wait until exhaustion sets in and end up having to have down time? Do you end up getting sick from getting too run down?  Do you feel guilty even thinking about relaxing?  Do you schedule time to relax each week? If you are not already taking the time for relaxation, I highly recommend you start!

My top five things to do to relax are:

1. Drinking hot tea
2. Epsom Salt baths with essential oils
3. Light candles
4. Journaling
5. Watching Netflix

Other things I enjoy that are relaxing but require a little more engery.:
6. Going for a walk
7. Arranging a fresh bouquet of flowers from my yard
8. Taking Pictures
9. Being in Nature
10. S.O.A.P Bible study

In addition to dicovering things that help us relax we also need to remember in our mind and heart to relax and be kind to ourselves. We need to allow ourselves to rest and enjoy the things that bring joy to our life!

I hope you choose relaxation today!



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