Your Story Matters

"Stories Matter"

 I read this today and it resonated with me and brought a joy deep within.

Did you know you have a story to tell? You do. You are living today. You made it through yesterday, last week, last month, last year.  You have walked through the things of life and lived. You may be going through something right now that is being added to your story.

Do you know that you have a testimony? You do. We all do. We just have to make sure we are paying attention to what God is doing in our life. It's the little things. You would be surprised if you take some time to remember the events of your life. Begin to take a walk down memory lane.  Reflect and write it all down. Do you journal? Reread what you have written over the years.

The hard things you walked through. The wisdom you have gained over the years. The life experiences. The adventures. The provisions. The growth. The lessons learned.

Your story may bring encouragement to others. Your story may bring hope to someone who is going through the exact same thing. Your story may bring someone to put their trust in the Lord. Your story may be the one thing that keeps someone from giving up. Your story may give inspiration to someone to share their story too.

Steps to sharing your story:
1. Begin reflecting back over your life of every thing you have walked through.
2. Reread journals, emails, texts, or any other writings about your life events.
3. Write out a time line of your life.
4. Ask yourself: How have I seen the Lord work through my life?
5. Make a list of key events that has happened.
6. Begin to write/type out your story.
7. Share it with others.

What is your story? Have you written out your testimony? Have you shared your story with anyone?


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