How to Encourage Others

I have found that the number one way to Encourage myself is to help others. When I am feeling down, helping others is a sure way to feel better. When I am feeling the blues a sure way to pull out of the funk is by finding ways to do something nice for someone else.

I love the idea of the Encouragement Dare. The dare to be an encourager to others  To put courage into others.  When we are kind and loving to others there is a joy we receive that no one can take away.  It doesn't cost much and it doesn't take much time.

I first heard about the Encouragement Dare last year and quickly fell in love with the idea. We all have the ability to be an encourager.  We can start out small and discover simple ways we can encourage others. Do you see yourself as an encourager? Have you found encouragement from people in your life? If not, you could be that person of encouragement that you have always needed.

Ways to Encourage others:

 The Power of Words

1. Post on someones social media a quote of encouragement 
2. Tell someone you are proud of them and that you believe in them. 
3. Send a text asking how there are doing
4. Give a genuine compliment to someone you see today. 
5. Send an encouragement card in the mail
6. Attach a card to a treat. 
7. Tell someone you love them
8.  Send words of encouragement in an email
9.  Leave Post it notes with words of gratitude for a loved one, co-worker or friend.
10. Send a prayer to someone or pray for them out loud. 
11. Tell your boss, your pastor or other leader that you appreciate them. 
12. Freely say thank you for every kindness extended your way. 
13. Write or type a long or short letter of encouragement and mail it to someone.
14. Give words of affirmation
15. If an encouraging thought comes to mind, share it!
16. Remind fellow Christians of the specific promises of God and His characteristics.
17. Give a card saying "You did a great job at..." or "I really appreciate that you.." or "I        was really impressed that you..."
18.  Send flowers with encouraging words.
19.  Add a few words of praise with an introduction. 
20. Gift of Time

1.     Ask someone to coffee/tea, offer words of encouragement. 
2.     Ask someone to go for a walk with you
3.     Call someone on the phone
4.     Ask someone one to go shopping with you. 
5.     Invite someone to spend time with them in something they want to do.      
6.    Spend time with someone and offer a listening ear. 
7.    Celebrate family and friends accomplishments big and small
8.    Learn individuals love language.
Acts of Service

1.     Offer practical help. Ask "Would it help if I ..." or "I would like to..."
2.     Do a task normally done by your spouse or roommate. 
3.     Rake leaves or some task for an Elderly neighbor or relative
4.     Offer to watch a family or friends kids so they can have some time away.
5.     Take a meal or snacks over to a person who is sick or recovering from surgery.
6.     Take flowers and take them to a  Retirement home with tags of Encouragement.

A Gift of Encouragement

1.     Give a gift of encouragement (a book, cd, etc.)  along with a note.
2.     Bake a pie, cookie or goodies and attach a tag of encouragement for someone. 
3.     Put together a care package for someone who is sick or recovering from surgery
4.     Put together a care package for someone away at school, or in the service. 
5.     Put together a "Healing Basket" for someone who is dealing with chronic illness  
6.     Send flowers or pick a bouquet and give them to someone to brighten their day. 
7.     Send a good movie to someone who is laid up at home recuperating. 
8.     Create a playlist or a cd of Encouraging songs for someone. 
9.     Give someone their favorite candy or drink with a note of encouragement.
10.   Send a picture (digital or print) with a favorite memory or inspirational quote. 

Overwhelming? There are so many ways to spread Encouragement to those around us and those we come into contact with on a daily basis. Our Family, our friends, our co-workers and those we rub shoulders with in our Community.

You can learn your loved ones and friends "Love Language"  to better understand which ways they feel most valued. You will be able to know what categories would be the best way to Encourage them. Click on the link: The Five Love Languages  to learn your primary love language. Have you taken the Love Language test? What were your results? It is fun to find out your significant other's love language and your family and friends.

What ways do you like to encourage others? What are ways you feel the most encouraged? Please comment with other ways to Encourage others. I would love to hear them and add them to the list!

Prayers ❤


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