Just Be

If you have surgery and you are laid up for a week or two.
If you break a bone and are not able to do the things that you are use to doing
If you get the flu and can't do anything but be in bed.
If you get an illness and are unable to hold down a job
If you are put on bed rest due to illness or pregnancy.
If you find yourself in your retirement years and won't be working.
If you find yourself in a situation where you can't do the things that you are use to doing on a regular basis.

How does that make you feel?

Where does your identity come from?

Where does your purpose come from?

Where does your value come from?

Not a job
not a relationship
not what can be checked off a to do list.
not goals achieved
not plans made
not other's opinions

You are not what you do for a living.
You are not what you are able to get done each day.
You are not how much money you make
You are not how big of a house you live in.
You are not the car you drive
You are not how many friends you have.
You are not how many vacations you are able to go on.

No striving.

Just Being.

What is it to "Just Be"?

Be: to exist or live

If I am not able to ever accomplish another goal or accomplish anything else in my life I am still a complete whole person. My identity is not found in finishing goals or  accomplishments.  By simply existing or living I am still loved and as a whole and a complete person in view of God.  

I have had to deal with this multiple times in my life. In 2008, after two years of going through a medical maze and not knowing what was going on in my body.  My life was changed. I received a Vestibular Disorder Diagnosis that turned my world upside down. I was told I would not be working until further notice, I wasn't allowed to drive due to being "An accident waiting to happen." I was told that I shouldn't live alone. I was put on very strict Vestibular Precautions. These included no bending over, no chewing gum, no use of straws, no blowing my nose, and no lifting anything over 10 pounds. I was told that I wasn't allowed to lay flat and would have to sleep with my head elevated at all times. My head had to be above my heart all the time.  I was told not to do anything that would increase head and belly pressure. I was put on the Zone diet and was told I would be eating six times a day. I was also put on a low sodium diet. I was told to take fish oil and stay away from aspartame. I was not allowed to go over 400 feet in elevation. 

I was told that before surgery the doctor wanted to put me on a strict bed rest to see if my ears (Bilateral Perilymph Fistulas) would heal on their own. I would only be out of bed for the bathroom and six mini meals. I wasn't allowed to open the fridge or a microwave due to the pressure of trying to open them. 

On bed rest there is a lot of just being. Your day does not consist of much productivity. Maybe some TV and movie watching or a little reading. When you are not feeling good you are just existing. The days get long and you feel like you are barely living. 

I am thankful I had a very supportive Mom who took care of me. My Grandma and Sister and a couple good friends were very supportive. I am extremely grateful that I knew who I was in the Lord. I am thankful I was able to lean into God and trust Him to help me make it through a very long bed rest experience.  

The following list of "Who I am in Christ" changed my life when I was in my early twenties. I came across the list when I read a couple books by Neil Anderson. I encourage you to read through the list and apply these truths to your life. Let them sink into your thought processes and how you view yourself and the world. Read them out loud if needed. 

You are complete in just being a human being and a child of God. Don't ever forget that!

Love and Prayers ❤


Anderson, Neil T. "Who I am in Christ"


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