My Gma

Absent from the body present with the Lord. 2 Corinthians 5:8

Siletz, Oregon

Mercelene Ann Flagg
July 1, 1926 - July 9, 2018

It's hard to put into words everything Grandma was to me. She was my Gma but she was also my friend. She wanted the absolute best for my life, God's best and His will for me to be fulfilled. She told me that she loved me with all her heart and that love was just a drop in the bucket to how much Jesus loves me. She always had the right words and said the right prayers.

She was young at heart, a social butterfly, a historian of Siletz and Grand Ronde, keeper of our family history,  a constant giver, a confidant, a conversationalist, world traveler, she had the best sense of humor, enjoyed going to the Coast, being in nature and going to local flower farms. She was a prayer warrior and was relevant to the next generations.

Our bond started early when my Mom would call her to come over because I wouldn't stop crying as a baby. Gma would come over and rock me to sleep.

When I was old enough to talk my response when asked if I was going was always "Is Grandma going? Then I am going."

When I was older we enjoyed shopping, meals out, traveling and going to church together. Many of my friends adopted her as Gma. We were highly involved in the Christian Native Community and enjoyed going to monthly gatherings, conferences and making new friends.  We even had the honor to go to Alaska and England on a mission trip.

Montana Road Trip and Conference. Picture with Jonathan Maracle of Broken Walls. 
Washington Conference
Mission Trip to Alaska!
Mission Trip to England!
My Gma was very influential in my Spiritual Journey.  She was by my side when I felt the Lord tugging on my heart strings to accept His love and salvation. At an evening service an invitation was given and I asked my Gma if she would walk to the front of the church with me. We prayed and I accepted Jesus into my heart. She was right by my side.  Later, when the Lord had me transfer to a Bible College. Aunt Alice and Gma were the ones who drove up with me to Washington and got me settled in at Northwest University.

Northwest University Class of 2003

Gma left us a very strong legacy.
A legacy of being strong for family.
A legacy of being a life long giver and living a life of helping others.
A legacy of staying active and doing things that bring joy.
A legacy of our beautiful heritage and family traditions.
A legacy of spirituality of knowing Jesus, praying and trusting Him with our life.

Gma had spiritual eyes like an "Eagle Eye". Her focus was on the spiritual things, eternal things. Her highest concern was seeing her family and friends have a relationship with the Lord. In her later years, she would often say "Why am I still here? Why is God keeping me here?"  She still had prayers to pray.  She prayed. She prayed for her family and friends. She wanted to see all of her family know and come to the Lord and have a personal relationship with Him.

My surgery last year, the recovery was brutal, really rough. My Mom and sister brought Gma and came over, my uncle showed up. My Gma led my family in prayer. I can tell you prayer helps. Prayer changes things. Prayer gets us through those moments when we think we can't endure much more.

Life is hard. The unanswered questions, pain, suffering, loneliness and sorrows of this world.  There is a lot we as human beings will never truly understand.  We just have to trust God with all our heart knowing He will be with us every step of the way and will see us through everything we will face. If you are struggling, I encourage to reach out to a trusted person.

I will always remember the very beautiful smile upon my Grandma's face and all the wonderful memories we shared.  I am thankful the Lord gave her a long full life. Knowing she is in heaven where there is no more tears, pain or suffering and that she is with her loved ones gives me peace that passes all understanding.

When I was going through pics, this one made me cry. I am thankful for this picture. My Gma had a stroke right before our wedding. I was so relieved when the doctor allowed her to come to the Wedding. 
Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Stop at the Dahlia Farm on a road trip to Washington. 
Gma and me. 
Love this picture! 

Love and Prayers ❤



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