The Ultimate Birthday Box

My friend was turning 40 so I wanted to do something super cool for her big milestone of a birthday.  I decided to try out an idea I had heard about putting together gifts for the entire birthday month and celebrating all month long! I knew this was going to be a big task but I was up for the challenge. I was still recovering from a recent surgery so I had a lot of time on my hands.

I chose my friends favorite color Orange as a base and added yellow for a good contrast.  I looked on Pinterest for ideas, friendship quotes and anything else that would spark some creativity.  Pinterest is a great place to help get your creative juices to flow.

This was a fun project and I love how it came together. If you know someone who would love and Ultimate Birthday Box, keep reading and see how you too can put one together.

My Friend and her Ultimate Birthday Box!

How to make an "Ultimate Birthday Box"

Step 1: Decide on how many day of gifts you want to include in your Ultimate Birthday Box then brainstorm and scour Pinterest or the Internet for ideas for each gift. Look up possible specialty days that fall during the birthday month. Examples: National Donut Day, National Ice Tea Day etc. Go here to look up the birthday Month for ideas.  National Day Calender. I chose to do 23 gifts because my friends birthday is June 23.

Step 2: Print out quotes and pictures for each days gift. Regular printer paper is okay if you are going to be gluing them onto tags made out of card stock. This will make them nice and sturdy.

Step 3: Make a list of gift ideas and items needed for each print out. Include their favorite things, items that spark memories together, inside jokes, items etc.
Bag of individual chips
coffee cups
bath salts or soaps
seasonal items
Flower seeds

Step 4: Go shopping! The Dollar Tree is a great place to start and then go to other stores if they don't carry the needed item. The bulk bins at the grocery store are a great place to get some goodies at a great price.

Step 5: Gather supplies to decorate your box and put together each gift. Scrapbook paper, construction paper, markers, glue, hole punch, curling ribbon, scissors, etc.

Step 6: Organize and match each gift to the designated print out.  Make sure you have a big work space. Mine happened to be my bed because I was still taking it easy from surgery. (Bonus: Do this while watching Netflix!).

Step 7: Glue and hole punch the tags. I used a distressing stamp pad to distress all the paper edges.

Step 8: Attach the tags to the gifts. I used curling ribbon but you can use string, jute, ribbon etc.

The first gift in the box! 
National Donut Day!
Add caption

Suzie loves cats! See the little kitty?

National Ice Tea Day!

National Flip Flop Day!
Bath Salts and Candles!


Friendship quotes!
Lip Balm and a cute saying!
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow..."
Suzie's Camp name is "Daisy"
Friends Cup with tea!
Another fun saying. Really, where do all the hair ties go?
Happy Friendship Day!

This is a fun saying too!

Good Memories!

The last gift in the box!
Step 9:
Wrap each gift and include the date of when they should open it. For this Birthday box, I used brown lunch size bags. You can use wrapping paper, tissue paper, small gift bags or anything else you can think of. There is no wrong or right way to assemble the gifts. I folded the bags, hole punched two holes and tied a bow with the curling ribbon.  I wrote the date directly on the bag but you can use gift tags as well.  Don't be afraid to make it your own and add any special touches that the recipient would love and enjoy.

Step 10: Decorate your box or a container to put all the gifts in. I used Mod Podge to cover the box in orange wrapping paper. The Mod Podge works great so the box could be opened with out ripping the paper. I love wrapping boxes like that. It always reminds me of when people open gifts in the movies or on tv! So fancy and fun!

I used my Cricut to cut out letters to spell "OPEN ME".  If you don't have a cutting machine you can buy letters to glue on, letter stickers or just write on the box or container.

Step 11: If you want fun balloons to pop out when they open the box. Tape 3 balloons to the bottom of the box. I envisioned more balloons but three was all that would fit. I bought 5 helium filled balloons. I am thankful I went with 5 because two ended up popping.

Step 12: Add the finishing touches to your box. On a flap I taped an envelope that read "Here's How It Works"  with directions enclosed on how the Birthday Box works. Feel free to copy these words or come up with your own.

I also attached a print out of some of the lyrics from the Golden Girls theme song next to the "OPEN ME" envelope.

"And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew.
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
and the card attached would say,
thank you for being a friend."

In the "OPEN ME" envelope I included a birthday card. You can add something similar to help them celebrate their Birthday month. Add any other decorations to the four flaps.

Step 12: Add all the gifts!

Step 13: Gently push down the balloons and close the flaps of the box. I added a large gift tag on the outside of the box that read: "Thank you for being a Friend!" You can add something similar if you choose or a simple tag that reads to: and From:

Step 14: Congratulations you are all done with your "Ultimate Birthday Box. Now you just have wait for the first of the birthday month to surprise the recipient and see their reaction. I chose to give the box on the first day of the month, you can choose what works the best for you.

The Unveiling!! 

I stuck the birthday Box in the front yard and waited for my friends arrival. I was so nervous because I wanted to be sure to get her reaction and also video the whole thing. I was anxiously looking out the window, waiting for her to drive up.

The first gift! I think she was surprised and liked it!
Special Note:

To truly celebrate the whole birthday month you have the option of giving more gifts of the day to finish out the month. Depending on what day of the month their birthday is will determine on how this will play out.

Step 15: Calculate how many days are left after their birthday and put together gifts for these days. You can prepare these ahead of time and deliver them to the recipient on their actual birthday, birthday party or birthday dinner. This will sure shock and surprise them because they will not expect it!

Let me know how your "Ultimate Birthday Box" turns out! (or if you have any questions).

Love and prayers. ❤


Golden Girl lyrics. "Thank You for being a Friend" source: 2018. 


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