How to start a CRAFTEA.

What do you get when you put two of your favorite things together!? You get CRAFTEA! I've always loved doing crafts and love all things tea so bringing these two things together has truly been a dream come true.

CRAFTEA has been something I've been wanting to do for a really long time.  I just needed the space to make it a reality. What a game changer!  What was once a dark and unused space has become a bigger open space to be utilized in more of an efficient way.  The previous owners had two wood working benches in a corner of the basement.  I've used them for some paint projects and storage but that has been basically it.

With the recent home upgrades our game plan did a 180. I had previously moved all my arts and craft stuff into the closet of our spare bedroom thinking that would be the best place to store arts and crafts.  It was a small Art Closet but was pretty organized after Konmaring it.

Now it's back down to the basement for all the arts and crafts The work benches and the built in Shelving are the back drop for the crafting space. I have been able to slowly and gradually move it all and organize as I go. Dealing with chronic fatigue and lower levels of energy it has been nice to be able to slowly work on it a little each day.

My heart is for community, creativity,  and hospitality.  Living with a Chronic Illness has the potential to severely limit some or all of these. That makes them even more dear to my heart. I love how this idea brings these three areas together. My word for the year is faith so this also ties into stepping out in Faith that God will give me the energy to do this. That God will give me the Grace to feel good on the night of our CRAFTEA. I am so thankfull for the opportunity to make this happen.

I am so thankful for our basement and what now feels like a new area with more efficient lighting.  It has opened up for a new opportunity. This was another big game changer that has allowed me to step out in faith that I will have the energy each month to see this happen this year.  I can set up an 8ft table and slowly work on decorating it for the upcoming CRAFTEA. It is not in our primary living space so when I have the energy I can work on setting it up for the next month or cleaning it up after wards. Thank you Lord!

So you may be asking, what exactly is a CRAFTEA?

The basis of a CRAFTEA is to combine a tea party and a craft party. To have an opportunity to get friends together for good conversation and laughter over tea and to let the creative juices flow while making a fun, simple craft. If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing then read on to learn how you could start one.

How to start a CRAFTEA:

1.  Find your space: 
Where do you want to have your CRAFTEA? Around your dining room table, in a spare bedroom, in your family room, in an empty space, at a rental space? It is up to you.

Yay! For new lighting and space!

2. Who do you want to invite? Think about who you would want to invite and how many people will fit comfortably in your space. I have an 8 ft table that fits in the area near the work benches of our basement. I set the table for 10 people.

The Facebook CRAFTEA group

3. Pick a date and create an Event. I used facebook and started a CRAFTEA private group and then created an event for my CRAFTEA to invite people. Invite people to join your group and then when you plan your event (s) you can easily get the word out. You can also send out invites via the mail, email, by phone or by text. It's up to you on how to send out invites. Include pictures or a description on the invite of what the craft will be. CRAFTEA can be a one time thing or you can turn it into a Monthly get together or quarterly. It would make an amazing Women's Ministry opportunity.

The previous January CRAFTEA Event on facebook. 

4. Pick out a Craft: Your craft can be anything. Pick an easy craft or a more challenging one. My advice is to keep it simple when you are starting out so everyone feels comfortable with their skill levels.  Pick out a craft you already have all the materials for or make a list of supplies you will need to complete the craft. It could be a seasonal type of craft or the latest trend. You have unlimited options. Pinterest has so many different craft ideas. You could start a board to hold all of your different ideas.

For the Month of January we turned Composition Books into Journals, Book Notes, etc. 
5. Decorate the table for your Tea party: You can make it a simple tea party by just serving a couple of teas or can go all out and plan an elaborate 4 course tea. Again, it is all up for you. Pinterest also has lots of amazing ideas for tea parties.  I decorated an 8 foot folding table with a theme for the specific month. You can include centerpieces, one or two teapots and have teacups set out at each place setting. If you are keeping it low key regular cups or disposable cups will work just fine. Maybe, a Tea Station works the best for your CRAFTEA.

White lights, Mini trees and pretty teacups!
Bonus: Feel free to decorate other areas of your space!

Tea Cart decor and extra seating area.
6.  Set out all the craft supplies in a designated place: Set up a table and set out all the supplies needed for the craft. Make sure to have a finished craft completed so your guests will have an example of what the completed craft will look like.  

Craftiness is Happiness!

I hope you can take these suggestions and run with it. Make it your own or stick to the suggestions. There are so many possibilities and takes on it. It can even be called something totally different if you come up with a good idea. 

This is really fun! It really is just an excuse to get people together, talk, drink tea and be creative. All the best things in life wouldn't you say?

 If you do start one or have one going already. Leave me a comment, I would love to hear your take on it. 

Love and Prayers ❤


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