How to make an Encouragement Box

I am in my first week of practicing a new "Pacing" technique to help combat severe fatigue and brain fog. (90 minutes up and 30 minutes of rest). The 30 minutes of rest is rest rest, no distractions, no phones, no scrolling through Pinterest or watching Netflix! So I have lots of time to pray and think!!

When I was on one of the 30 minute "rest" session yesterday, an amazing idea came to me.

An Encouragement Box!

I am so excited about this! I am still desiring to find tangible ways to help and encourage others. The amount of suffering and loneliness I see in this world makes me want to reach out. I myself am home bound most of the week so thinking outside the box (No pun intended) is where my mind often goes when seeking ways to reach out.

Two people immediately came to mind after this idea surfaced so I knew right away who would be receiving an "Encouragement Box". One to a friend who is going through some intense health situations and another friend and daughter duo who recently traveled across the country to start a new life at the beach!

The creativity juices continued to flow and quickly  the idea turned into a receive the box and then pay it forward kind of a thing. Why not stop with just one Encouragement Box? When we can keep the support, confidence and hope flowing.

So, if you are here because you just received an "Encouragement Box" or if you want to start your own keep reading to learn more.

How to make an Encouragement Box:

1. Pick a person: Who needs some Encouragement? Who is going through medical treatment, dealing with Chronic pain, suffering from the flu or a cold, laid up from a surgery,  stressed out, away from home, mourning a loved one, just had a baby, just moved, feeling the blues, etc. etc. You could start one in for your family, for your neighborhood, for your work, Church, small group, bible Study, circle of friends or just for a specific person and let them choose who gets it next.

2. Find a box: I used a gift "hat" box and an old fruit box from the holidays. Use something that you already have or you can find one at a thrift store or a local store. If you need to mail your box the post offices have free boxes that you can pick up prior to mailing it off.

3. Decorate your box:  You can paint it, Mod Podge or keep it plain. It is up to you how elaborate or simple you want to keep it. My ideas always start small and build on each other.

Use these images, others or create your own to help decorate your box. I put the images on the inside of the box.

Box #1

Box #2

Add the Instructions. Download the following two images, print, cut and glue them directly to your box so the recipient knows what to do.

Box #2
Decorate it and make it your own!

Optional: If you want to add words of Encouragement to your "Encouragement Box" you will need three envelopes. Copy and paste into a document and print the following words:

Words of Encouragement

Take some, leave some!

Support, Confidence, and hope.

Wisdom for Life


Advice for the hard times

Cut out each phrase and glue to the envelopes and to the box.  You can add words of Encouragement to each envelope either handwritten or print outs. The idea is the recipient can read them, take ones that bring encouragement and even add more for the next person to read.

Box #1
Box #2

4. Fill your box: One thing or many things.  Bake some treats,  make a craft,  or buy  items that may bring some relief to what your person is currently going through.  Fill it with their favorite things, snacks or a simple meal. It's up to you on what you want to put in your box.  The ideas are limitless. Whatever you think will bring your person a little encouragement is perfect!

Don't forget to add a card or a little note letting them know who it is from!

Box #1 is full of beach type items for my Friend and her daughter who just moved to the beach. This box also served as a House Warming Gift.

Box #2 is full of items that bring me joy and some pain relief when dealing with Chronic Pain.

5. Deliver your box:  Mail it, Hand deliver it, put it on their desk or in their room. Get creative if you would like. Surprises are so fun!

Box #1

Box #2

I love how both boxes turned out. So fun to create these for my friends. I can't wait to get them to them.

Be sure to take pictures of the process and share them on social media. Please tag @communityofencouragement and use #encouragementbox so that we can share in on the fun!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! Now, Let's see those boxes! 

Love and prayers ❤


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