Making it through the Crazy

We have nick named our neighbors house  "The Crazy House", other neighbors have identified it as the house with all the artificial flowers in the front yard.

This white two story house has people coming and going all the time. Heavy traffic on foot, on bikes and in cars.  We were suspicious of the constant traffic but everyone kept to themselves not even really looking our way so at first we didn't think much more about it. One of my friends lives directly behind "The Crazy House" and told me the names of the main Lady and Man. So I always knew who they were and that they rented out rooms to other people.

When I first moved into our house back in 2013, it didn't take long to get the feeling that something was off with the house.  One of the tenants collected rocks in between our houses. Stacked rocks, rocks in containers of all shapes and sizes.  Always changing and growing, it was slowly creeping over to our side of  the property line.
February 23 2013, the month I moved in. 

I talked to this person multiple times and she disclosed some strange information on what was happening in the house. The person shortly after moved out ( I think I may have even given her some moving boxes)  I didn't think much more about it. I do remember when I was taking care of something on the side of the house and discovered that all the containers of rocks were gone! Hallelujah!

Early on three kids lived in the "Crazy House." The youngest wasn't clothed properly and seemed to have environmental delays. It was a sad situation and I learned later that they were taken away and put into Foster Care. At the get go, one of the tenants parked a red truck in front of our home all the time. We nick named him "The Red Truck Guy"

From Early 2017 to July 2018 things slowly escalated and became worse and worse. There had always been a very high turn over rate of tenants. People would come and go regularly.  I often wondered if it was legal to have that many people living in a residential house. On the side of their house there was a wood panel that led to a sun porch that was converted into a living area. People had been entering and exiting this area for years at all times of the day and night.

Loud music and random noise disturbances were becoming more regular. There was a new tenant living at the crazy house. She had a boyfriend that came and went. It was an endless cycle of him being let into the house and him being locked out. My first personal encounter with the "Male and Female Duo" was early Spring while I was out back doing some yard work. I heard fighting between a male and a female. It escalated and sounded pretty serious so I ended up calling them in. I didn't want to take any chances if he busted in and got to her. This was early on and I was not familiar with either of the individuals involved.

In July of 2017, we had my Gma's 91st Birthday BBQ in our back yard. Our family and friends were enjoying the time celebrating when the fighting started. I remember the male apologizing and being sarcastic saying something like "We have problems." Our guests had front row seats to the show.

Shortly after the BBQ things progressively became worse and worse. An endless cycle. It drastically changed and every day and night there was fighting, yelling, banging, crying, cussing and bargaining. This grown man would be outside in between our house and the Crazy House. He would bang on the window, crying, cussing and begging to be let in.  He would express how he didn't want to go to jail and would even talk about drugs. He would alternate from outside our bedroom window to walking around the front of their house to the back side of their house yelling up at the females window. He said he was going to die alone.

We called in the situation multiple times. My Husband even went over there numerous times to tell them to keep it down. They always replied with a sorry sir, it won't happen again. They were always respectful and didn't swear at him or be defensive. It was almost as if it was tormenting us. You never knew when it would start up again, how long it would last. When it was quiet you wondered when it would start back up again. It was very frustrating. We kept calling it in but nothing was happening. Cops would show up walk around. No one would answer the door. We kind of felt alone in the situation. At the time all of our neighbors kept to themselves.

The male was arrested more than once from the Crazy House. The first time he was arrested and taken away. The police officers had him in hand cuffs behind his back facing the house. He was still expressing his love to the female. Even sitting in the back of the cop car and being hauled away.  He said "I love you______ , I will always love you _______." We found out his full name and was able to look him up and see his priors and what he was being charged with. His priors included being arrested in Dallas, OR on December 2015 for unlawful Possession of Firearm (Felony), Unlawful Entry into Motor Vehicle (Misdemeanor) and Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle (Felony). The article. This Dallas arrest led to a Falls City Bust of drugs and weapons. Subsequent investigation tied him and another male to multiple burglaries and thefts in the Dallas area.

At one point the male was on a "Most Wanted"  list as of Tuesday, March 7, 2017 for Polk County, for charges: Felony possession of a weapon. He was arrested April 20, 2017 for a possession of a weapon (felony). He was arrested September 26, 2017 for a parole violation (FLN Poss Weapon) He was also arrested February 15, 2018 for a  #1 parole violation (Poss Weapon) (cf)

One afternoon, the neighborhood had an encounter with an older gentleman walking up and down the street in front of the crazy house tapping the ground side to side with a golf club. He was saying over and over "Give my money back, I want my  (insert swear word) money back."  Eventually a police officer arrived on the street to talk to him. He ended up searching him and in the end let him go.

My Mom and Grandma came over before they were leaving for a little trip over to Warm Springs. They ended up being stuck at our house for an hour or so due to a cop car blocking our drive way. They had caught up with a couple of individuals on foot and were questioning them. The eventually searched them. They had pulled out all their belongings an had them in plastic bags on the back of the cop car.

Some time in the midst of the Crazy we noticed that our two life jackets were missing  and two bags of  our disc golfs were gone. We put a lock on both side gates of our house leading to the back yard. Later, when I was out back I noticed one was broke off and laying on the ground. I looked around and didn't see anything was missing. I don't know if someone was trying to send a message or they got interrupted in the middle of trying to break in.

One of the most frustrating things was when the ash started falling in our yard from the Crazy House.  At first we couldn't tell if it was coming from their chimney or the constant fire from their back yard. At one point our car was constantly being covered in ash.  Our bushes were covered in ash.  Our front porch had ash on it. Big chunks of newspaper were found in our yard and bushes. Later, we would see actual embers coming out of the chimney.  Partly burned pink party streamers were found in our yard. Big pieces could even be seen when looking out our front window. Later, I discovered piles of ash had been dumped in between our house and the Crazy House.  I had been smelling a faint smell in our house and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I was relieved to finally discover that it was all the ash being dumped outside. I did end up calling this in to the City.  The city did come out and talked to them and cleaned it up a little. Later, it started up again, this time it was in the back yard. To this day there is a foot of ash leaning up against the chain link fence in our back yard and spilling over onto our side.

In October of 2017, An officer was called out to check out a disturbance involving a man and a Honda.  I happened to see the officer. I had the thought to take out the recycling and see if the Cop would approach me. He did. He asked if I had heard anything recently so I told him I hadn't.  I took advantage of him there and asked about what we have been experiencing. He asked if I thought it was a drug house. I shrugged my shoulders. I explained more and he said "yes". He handed me a card for a drug activity hot line and said to call it in. I called and left a message shortly after.

One day, my Husband happened to look out the front window and saw a man getting into our Honda that was parked in front of our house.  (I am pretty sure it was locked). My Husband went outside and confronted him. He said "It's all good, it's my friends car." My Husband told him no it is not, it is our car. He replied with another "It's all good "and tried to shake my Husbands hand and then walked off.

There was another incident with a Honda. A Honda Civic showed up in front of the Crazy House. A cop showed up and a lady that I had never seen before.  The female of the "Female and Male Duo" was out front talking to the police officer. The female took papers out.  A lady was on the phone and pacing up and down the street.  The Female popped the hood and the officer was looking under the hood. They were out there for quite a long time. At one point the lady drove away and then was back with out a car. In the end she got into the Honda and the officer with his police car pushed the Honda down the street, around the corner and out of sight.

Around Thanksgiving of 2017, I saw a post being shared on facebook from the Restaurant in town called BlondZee's Guest House that had been broken into and money stolen from their safe.  I watched the video. I remember thinking there was a strong resemblance to our neighbor. The main ladies husband/boyfriend.  (He had moved out months prior). I had read a comment that he had been captured so I didn't think much more about it. The crime had made the 12's Most Wanted.  Later, when I was talking to another tenant of the Crazy House. He brought it up and confirmed that yes, that was him. I looked it up and he was charged with first-degree theft and second-degree burglary.  He also said he has a long crime wrap including Identity Theft in Grand Ronde and this was confirmed in an article stating that he has faced more than a dozen theft, burglary, identity theft and robbery charges over the past 30 years. He was also arrested in November of 2017, for allegedly stealing a Grand Ronde woman's wallet and attempting to use her debit cards. I also came across some pictures for an another burglary in Dallas which included additional charges of first-degree theft, second-degree burglary and second-degree criminal mischief  in connection to a burglary at the Mt. Angel Senior Center occurring on November 7, 2017

On December 18, 2017 I made three calls. I left a message on the drug line and called in a noise disturbance into the city.  While trying to research for help I came across a Neighbor to Neighbor service. Upon inquiring it was more of a mediation service 3rd party. I even called our Neighborhood Association and left a message. Unfortunately, he never called me back.

December 24th, 2017, I wasn't feeling good enough to go to my Dad's side for Christmas Eve so we were home all day and into the evening. I just happened to look outside and notice that there were two cop cars outside. There was a man in the back seat of each police car. An officer came out of the house and would open the back door and talk to the man. This show down lasted 4-5 hours so each time I would look out the window I would just happen to see something. At one point the officer came back out and after talking to the guy in the back seat walked over to an unmarked SUV and talked to a lady in the driver seat. Later, an unidentified smaller car drove up and a man not in a uniform went inside with hazard collecting containers in hand.  We never knew what exactly happened until we had our neighbors from the other side over for a 4th of July BBQ. They filled us in and let us know the rest of the story. Evidently, a drug dealers girlfriend died from a heroine over dose. Later, from another neighbor we learned that the needle was still hanging out of her neck and "The Red Truck Guy"  was trying to get someone to call 911 and tried to administer CPR. He himself got beat up pretty bad and ended up on the back door stoop of the neighbor telling me the information.  It may have been a blessing in disguise to not know until 7 months later.

Another individual who received a nick name was "The Bike Guy". He kept to himself and every day took off on his bike. He always came back with branches and pieces of wood for burning.  One day, I just happened to look out the window and as he rode by he had a huge branch of a tree trailing behind him. Our neighbor said that he stole tree stumps from his yard at some point.

In January of 2018, days and nights of constant fighting and noise disturbances at all hours of the day and night. Being woke up at all hours. Calling the police. One morning, I had thought put your boots and jacket on and go over there and talk to the main lady.  I got up and headed over and knocked on the door. Nothing. I wasn't surprised that no one was answering the door.  I turned around and who walks from the back to the front of the house. The male of the duo. He said "Is is it because of me?" I said "Yes." I don't remember every thing I said but a boldness came over me and I told him that he needed to break away from this relationship, that its not doing him any good. That she was just bringing him down and that she wasn't going to change for him. He agreed. He didn't yell or cuss at me or become aggressive towards me. He just listened. I told him that I was willing to help him find help. I asked him if he was willing to work. He said yes. I asked him if he was clean? He said "I will be." Then I asked him if I could pray for him. He agreed. Again, I don't remember what I said. Prayed for healing from addiction and protection etc. When I open my eyes he had taken his hat off.  He told me "No one has ever prayed for me like that before."
He looked rough, shaved head, tattoos all over his face and arms. He had affiliations with a California gang, NHR. He has it tattooed on his chin.  I wasn't scared. I was thankful to have had a chance to talk to him.

I reached out to my Church for direction and suggestions. I was given the name and number of a man at the Union Gospel Mission down town. I called him and talked to him about the situation. He agreed he would talk to him saying he would just start with a simple conversation.  He said to have him call him. Now what? I had this information so I was praying "Okay, Lord how am I suppose to get this information to him?" When he is escalating I stay clear and don't ever go outside. He becomes so fixated on the female that he isn't paying any attention on anything else. I have seen him throw a bike up into the air and storm off down the street swearing.

Days later, I was taking some recycling out to the bins and I heard my  name. He came over into our yard. He asked for me to pray for him again. (so I did) Wow! He said since the prayer he has been talking to God when he is out running around from the cops. He shared with me his story of how he went to church with his Grandma when he was little. He shared how he was from California and how when he first came to Oregon he stole a car and rolled it near Dallas. He was shocked that he survived and wondered why he survived.  He confirmed information about the man's involvement in the restaurant burglary. He said the main lady doesn't care about anything except for the rent money coming in each month. Last, I heard he was in treatment in Portland but he left when he got word of  the recent eviction notice that what was taking place at the Crazy House. He came barreling in on the day when my friends and I happened to be over there checking out the garage sale.

Towards the end, we were effected almost on the daily from the "Crazy House". Loud Music, odd behavior, strange sounds. For a long stretch of time at nights there would be sounds as if they were doing construction on the house. In the back yard, they have a separate garage/shop. Late at night,  loud machinery noises and odd tinkering noises were constant. They also cut wood by hand at all hours of the day and night.  Like clock work it felt like it would always begin after 10 pm. When I was doing yard work, I heard noise so I looked over and saw the "Red Hat Guy" walking around the back yard with a swifter. He had a glove on one hand and was hovering the swifter side to side around in the yard. Another individual was cutting the ground with a knife over and over.

We found out the females name living in the house. My Husband checked if they were on social media.  It was good timing because the female had just posted on May 3 that they had just been given an eviction notice and had to be out by the 15th of May. She was asking for financial help and for boxes. Were we getting to the light at the end of the tunnel? We couldn't help but be excited but didn't want to hold our breath until we saw it with our own eyes. Days came and went.

It was Spring of 2018 and I was out back working in the yard once again. I heard new people talking on the other side of the fence. I heard a guy telling a gal that they just all need to move out and something about an "Entity". The Lady noticed me and complimented me on the yard. We began a conversation and she was disclosing a lot of information. She said she was from a non-profit and was hoping she could find the main lady somewhere to stay. She said the main lady had lived there for 26 years and has helped a lot of homeless people over the years. She said the rent was only $500.00 a month. She made a comment about a lot of drugs being used and then laughed and added that she herself does marijuana.

My little Niece and Nephew were over for the day. I had asked my Niece if she wanted to play out front or in the back yard. I was so thankful she chose the front yard. The kids were playing and I was hanging out with them. I began to notice that people were gradually leaving the Crazy House one by one. What!? Could it be true. I kept the excitement to myself especially when I realized it was the 15th. By the end of the evening all the cars were gone and it was pretty quiet over there at the Crazy House.

Unfortunately, everyone slowly returned over the next few days. Everyone must of got word that the eviction was not being strictly reinforced. In the end,  It took two months for the eviction to be enforced. The Crazy House had a 2 week long garage sale. The front of the house and the long drive way  that spanned the entirety of the house on was full of items for sale. They kept bringing more and more stuff out day after day. Towards the end of the garage sale for two weeks straight. When my friend came over we went over to see what they were trying to sell. I got one thing to be a "Converation Starter" piece to remember our Crazy neighbors by. I was looking and looking and thwn I saw it. I asked the "Red Hat Guy" how much and he replied with 50 cents.

Over the coming days he tried to give me all sorts of things, yard tools etc. My friend ended up getting a dresser for $10.00. The Red Hat Guy said we have more in the house if you want to see them. My thought was "Heck Yes, I want to go in". (I've been so curious on the condition of the inside) So my friends and I went into the front room to look at second dresser.  I felt so bad. The inside conditions was a lot worse than I could have ever imagined.

The "Van Lady" was an older lady that drove a van that was filled to the max and she slept in it. She came and went. The last week during the garage sale I was out front. She yelled over at me "Do you want this plant?" I asked if she was sure and she replied with a "Yes, just don't let it die."  The "New Red Truck Guy" jumped in and said laughing "Yeah, it can be a peace offering for all that we have put you through." I replied with a "You have no idea." and he said "Yes, I do." So I put the huge white flowered hanging pot up on an upside down vintage metal bucket in our front flower bed. It was really pretty.

One day, the female of the "Female and Male Duo" showed back up at the house and had a huge fighting yelling match with the "New Red Truck Guy". She told the man that all her stuff was still in the house, and took some stuff back from his truck that he was hauling off. She told him that she wasn't scared of him. Later, she told me that he was taking stuff to his house to store and sell later for money. I had no idea, I thought he was taking trips to Goodwill to help them get rid of stuff.

Towards the end a Property Management Man showed up on the scene. He gave them more time. He finally ended up changing the locks and gave them to the following Friday to be gone. The little camper from the side of the house was moved to the street and 3 people slept in it until Friday. People slept out back on top of an old hot tub the nights leading up to the final day. The female had brought all her stuff including her boyfriends stuff and had it all in half of the front yard under a tarp. Later, she had set up a little tent and slept in for almost a week. They didn't have a bathroom or access inside.

She was rarely outside until now so I hadn't had any interactions up to this point. I talked to her, she let me pray with her. She told me she had a lot of good things and asked if I wanted to buy anything. I declined but offered to help her set up a facebook marketplace of her own to sell items. She didn't take me up on it. I also offered just like her boyfriend to help her find help. She quickly changed the subject and didn't take me up on it. She had recruited some friends to help watch her stuff and camp out with her. I had taken out some coffee one morning to them all annud learned that they were all  homeless as well.

Later, we saw someone show up with a small Uhaul and loaded up the majority of her things. I just happened to be home and saw her when she made her grand departure. She left on a bike along with a make shift bike trailer. It was sad and comical at the same time as she would try to take off on her bike and the whole trailer would fall over every two feet.  She was very frustrated and cussing. She ended up stowing the hand truck that kept tipping everything over back up by the Crazy House. Finally, she made her way down the street and out of sight. I haven't seen her since.

After the house was vacant I have learned even more information.  Some neighbors down the street had some Huge trees cut down. Another Neighbor was interested in the tree stumps and passed by to go inquire if he could have some. (And the reason he wanted more stumps is because the "Bike Guy" had stolen some of his.) On the way back we got to talking and he disclosed even more information. He too had information about the December 24, 2017, and said The "Red Truck Guy" had tried to help out and came to him for help. They had worked together and he let him stay with him. He said the next morning he had ran a load because he had an accident from waking up from a nightmare concerning what had happened at the Crazy House. He said the "Red Truck Guy" had told him about how the Female and a girl that goes by the name of Rainbow had broke into a house and stole a computer. Evidently, it was members of a Mexican Gang and the computer had information on a hit list and gang information. Supposedly, the Mexican Gang showed up at the Crazy House in multiple cars and had guns drawn. He also told me that there was an unwritten rule that the people at the "Crazy House"had to leave all the Neighbors in our neighborhood alone.

My Husband and I are so thankful this is finally over. We are so relieved that we don't have to keep enduring through the Crazy. It makes for a good story now but I can tell you it was quite trying living through it all.

If you find yourself in a similar situation what should you do?

The following is a list of things to do:

1. Keep records of dates, names and traffic.
2. Call into the Non Emergency Police line every time there is a noise disturbance, suspicious behavior or domestic abuse.
3. Call in to the drug tip line and leave a detailed message.
4.  Talk to your neighbors.
5. Rally your neighbors to do the same and call in every time something happens.
6. Pray
7. Reflecting on the whole situation, I think going to the police station and asking for help may have been beneficial as well.  
8. Keep the faith that eventually this will change. 
9. County records are public- You  can search the home address for the home owners name and mailing address.

10. Send a letter to the owner and maybe the info you give them can help them with an eviction. Laws are making it difficult to evict even bad tenants. Unfortunately this won’t help if the property owner is the problem, but at least you can get their name for police. 

(Thank you to a friend for this information for 9 & 10)

The police say that the more information they have the more they have to work with.

As of now the House is still empty. The Property Management had people come in and clean it out. They took a truck and trailer to the Dump 8 times and when they told me they were at 8,000 pounds of stuff. There was major clean up needed in the back yard.

We found out that the owner of the house is Gary Nieland, the drummer from the group The Champs who sing the song "Tequila". He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada currently. His friend was at the house right after the Eviction and disclosed this information. He said he had no idea what was going on at the "Crazy House." He said at one point that he lived in the house and had a recording studio in the basement.

Six months later and they are still working on the house.  I briefly talked to an electrician recently,  he said how dangerous the wiring was in the basement. He was surprised it didn't start a fire. He also mentioned how he will have to completely rewire on the main floors as well.  I have seen lots of others Professionals coming and working on the house as well. I can't imagine how much money is being spent on all the damage that was done to the house. Last, I heard the owner plans on selling the Crazy House.

Please pray for quiet neighbors!

Update March 14, 2020: The house has been vacant since July 2018.

I was talking to a friend and looked up the owners name again online and came across this article of a man in Sublimity who found old tapes in a warehouse thst have been sitting for decades. He said they were recorded in the Studio in the basement of the house next door. The article confirms what we have learned. Evidently, the tapes were restored and can be purchased at Ranch Records downtown here in Salem, Oregon:

Decades-old music from NW talent finds new life after Sublimity man recovers master tapes of Gary Neiland

The music can also be purchased at Sundazed.

Gary is also quoted in the article, how cool is that despite all the craziness!!

Another Update (March 25, 2020): I came across another article about the Restauraunt building that has been condemned for several years in Albany, Oregon. Burggraf Buildings Albany, Oregon "Sale is pending"
He evidently played music here as well.

Today, I was out front and a guy who will be working next door askes about the house. He shared that Gary owns 20 or so properties and evidently a huge barn in Dallas that is full of old stuff.

Update April 2020: I looked up the guy from Sublimity on facebook and decided to send him a message. He responded and we have been chatting back and forth about Gary and the house.

He sent me a picture of Gary and him in Nevada when he went and visited him. I asked him for petmission to post and he said that was fine.

He also sent me this picture.
Gary is the Drummer!

Update April 18,2020:

Articles found:

1. Another Article on the recovery of the tapes recorded in the Recording Studio basement next door.

2. Information on the life of Gary Nieland and his work here in Salem including a Restaurant owned and opereated called Gary and Carol's in Albany, Oregon where local bands played.

3. The comments under this article has lots of valuable information of people personally who new Gary Nieland and was part of the music scene and his circle of Music during this time.

4. Along the way I learned Gary owned Gary and Carols Westerner. As of now I cant find any information of when they had it up and running. This article explains the current condition and that it is up for sale.

The story keeps continuing!

Love and Prayers, ❤



  1. Wow sounds pretty familiar with a house just one house down from us. Took at least three years to finally see all tenants gone. On our street the mom passed away first, then the father passed away. All in the house the son who was on drugs took over garage sale for days. Then police in/out arrested several people. Couple continuously fighting right in front of our window at wee hours of the morning. Located the owner didn't help because the house was in foreclosure that just took three years after both parents passing for them to remove and get everybody out of the house. We have our own business and our home and one day bill came in telling me that there's a little girl probably about 3 years old running down the street start naked. Heading right into the main traffic area on Cordon Road. I ran after her to try to catch her and the neighbor of the house last before Cordon road with came out and help me with her and we called the police we were there like 16 hours with this little girl cops came over checked her out asked us if we could put some clothes in the diaper on her and that they had a social worker coming and they ended up taking the little girl from us to a foster home. It was just sad. The information would be a big help for people good information. It's so dad and it's only getting worse. I prayed continuously for them and especially for the little girl.


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