Our Date Book- February- Valentine's Day Picnic

Do you need some Date Inspiration? One of my goals for the year is to utilize Our Date Book and go on a date each month.  A great way to be intentional about spending quality time together and going on adventures is to go on Dates. This was the main reason I made a Date Book with 12 premade date ideas.  

I am sharing our February Date in this space. I love how it came together and turned out.  If you would like to see the full story and how you can make a "Date Book" check out the following link:

The February Date: 

Red, hearts, love and treats! A little pocket on the right side to hold the Date Envelope. You can preplan 12 dates or plan each date at the beginning of each month. What ever works the best for you!

The Date Night Envelope on the right holds your Date Card.  Open it on the first day of the month or when you are close to scheduling your date for the month. The envelopes allow you to reuse the Date Book over and over by changing up the dates for the year.  

The Date Book Journaling pages are a great way to record what you did on the date. Each year you can record the date, pictures or a special memory. It will be fun to look back over the memories each year as you use The Date Book. 

The Journaling pages for our Valentine's Day Date. 
We had a Red Lobster gift card so we wanted to utilize it for Valentine's Day so that is how we came up with the picnic idea for the month of February. What is more romantic then to go on a picnic!? I just love to go on picnics. I think it is one of my love languages!! 
I made some Paleo Valentine's Treats. I made them in the morning when I was the most fresh with energy. They both were experiments because I ended up using what we had at the house.  They both turned out pretty good.  I got the So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Yogurt at Wheeler Deeler for 50 cents and froze it to make a treat for Valentine's Day. We also had some Unsweetened Baker's Chocolate so I used it to make Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Half were sprinkled with Sea Salt and the other half were sprinkled with shredded Coconut. 

We learned last year that Red Lobster is very busy on Valentine's Day. We got a Red Lobster gift card from my Dad for Christmas so we were going to use it for a date night.  It was too busy and a very long wait so we ended up going some where else last year. This year we decided to order take out and to go on a picnic for Valentine's Day.  When Shawn was home for lunch we ordered our dinner online and scheduled to pick it up at 5:30 pm. So simple!

Our Picnic Dinner Date:
We originally were planning on going to Deepwood (where we got married). There was a chance of rain so the plan was to set up our picnic under one of the gazebos in the lower garden. When we arrived they had numerous "No Trespassing from Dusk to Dawn" signs.  We didn't want to risk getting arrested on Valentine's Day so Plan B it was.  The Gazebo in the Rose Garden at Bush Park. It was available so we set up a table and our picnic under it and ate our Red Lobster dinner. We had the Chocolate Covered Strawberries for dessert.  It got a little windy at the end so we were thankful that we made it through our dinner.

Two of the five Poinsettias my Husband got from work.
Shawn got five Poinsettias from work. He sent me a picture and they looked really nice. I was shocked when he got home to how big they were. I've never seen Poinsettias so big and bushy. We ended up taking one to our friends The Cinnamon's and left it on the front door step along with some dessert. After dinner we dropped one off one Poinsettia at our friend Suzie's house and another one on my Mom's porch. It was fun leaving surprises for people especially since it was Valentine's Day. 

When we got back home we tried the Coconut and Chocolate Yogurt treat. It was pretty good. It was a good date night! 

To check out our January Date go here:

How do you incorporate Dates into your schedule? Where do you find inspiration for your dates?  What is your all time favorite date? 

Stay tuned for more Date ideas!

Love and Prayers 


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