Our Date Book- March- The Ikea Date

The IKEA Date

Do you need some Date Inspiration? One of my goals for the year is to utilize Our Date Book and go on a date each month.  A great way to be intentional about spending quality time together and going on adventures is to go on Dates. This was the main reason I originally made the Date Book with 12 premade date ideas.  

I am sharing our March Date in this space. I love how it came together and turned out.  If you would like to see the full story and how you can make a "Date Book" check out the following link:

Check it out!!!

The March Date Page

The March Date Envelope!

The March Date Card!

This is a super fun date night idea

My Husband's Birthday is January so he was the first to receive the following email for his birthday month. What an awesome idea. You get a free meal, plus cake! And on top of that you get $15.00 to spend however you would like. No strings attached.

Thank You Ikea! 

Happy Birthday from Ikea! 
Be sure to sign up for the IKEA Family Member Program!

You have the entire birthday month to utilize this offer. We went towards the end of the month since I had a doctors appointment at OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University). We decided we would go after the appointment since we would be up in the Portland area. I love the eating areas in Ikea. All the big windows that let all the natural light shine in. 

Free Meatball Entree and Almond Cake!

We chose to eat first and then to go shopping. My Husband was gracious to eat the free meal so I could get a side salad and a fruit bowl. The fruit is now self served on the soup and salad cart in the middle section.  I filled both bowls to the brim! We enjoyed our meal. Not bad for $5.15. And don't forget you get free Coffee or Tea, if you are apart of the Ikea Family Member. We love to sit in the window seating area that over looks the parking lot and the beautiful Portland sky. 

I love my Husband. He always likes to hide behind things in pictures!!!

Time to shop. I wanted to utilize the $15.00 on Plants and/or Candles. I have been wanting to get a house plant for our home for a while now. Specifically a Snake Plant. They not only look really awesome but I have read that they are great for the air quality of your indoor living spaces.

We looked at all the plants and nothing stuck out. I knew exactly what I wanted and I didn't see it. There were some smaller plants that were similar but after researching we found out there were a different variety. The plants were just not the look I was wanting. We were about to move on when an employee right before eyes rolled out a huge cart of plants and guess what was on the top part of the cart. Yes, big Snake Plants! Thank you Lord. I could not believe the price. $7.99 each!

None of the big candles fragrances stuck out to us so in the end we grabbed a bag of coconut scented tea lights. Can always use more tea lights!

Thank you Lord, such an amazing price too!

I have had my eye on the black and white native style looking place mats at Ikea for a while now. We ended up discovering a table runner in the same print and picked that up as our first item. I love how it looks on our dining room table. I also have my eye on matching looking pillow covers for our living room. It is such a fun print.
I love how the table runner looks on our Dining Room table. 
We had a great time. I was able to use the new walker my new doctor just ordered for me, we took a lot of the short cuts and that helped out a lot as well.  I had to rest at the end in the warehouse section but we made it. I am thankful there is a pull down seat on the walker.   It is nice to be able to be up and walk around more with the assistance of a walker. I've never wanted to use one, but I gotta do what I gotta do!

Thank you Ikea for a wonderful Date!

We ended up with an awesome table runner, a perfect House Snake Plant and a bundle of tea lights. We payed a whopping $2.97 after the $15.00 Birthday credit was applied. Yay! If you haven't already signed up for the Ikea Family Member Program to get in on this deal, I highly recommend it.  We love Ikea and love going on Ikea Adventures together. It is one of our favorite inside things to do.

Do you go on Ikea Dates?  What are your favorite dates? I would love to hear all of your ideas!

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Love and Prayers, ❤



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