Our 5th Wedding Anniversary "Traditional Gift "

How is it June and how has it been 5 years since we have been married!? June 21, 2014, is our 5th Wedding Anniversary. We got married at Deepwood Estates in Salem, Oregon.

First I need to put in a plug for the Facebook "Buy Nothing Groups" If you are not a part of a group I highly recommend joining your local group. For more information check out the link:  Buy Nothing Group. It is one amazing Facebook group that helps encourage offline engagement in your local neighborhood.

This is my "Gratitude Post" that I posted in my group after receiving such a gracious item:

Gratitude post: 

When Sarah Daley was here, while we were talking and sitting at the other end of the yard I had the thought "Wow, a park bench or a wood bench would be perfect for that bare area on the other side in the actual flower bed under the palm tree."

Looking back it looks like I didn't hesitate at all and that night June 15, posted a "Big Ask:" on our group page. (This group is also teaching me to ask and not always be the giver.)

That same day a gal in our group commented that they had one in their front yard that came with their house and they had no use for it. I couldn't believe it.

We connected and Kelsey and her Husband, they went above and beyond by power washing it prior to delivering it to us the very next day on Sunday. We love it. The Black metal on the ends are so beautiful and the wood is in really good shape! Definitely our style. It fits perfectly under the Palm Tree.

Only later, as I was on Pinterest searching for ideas for a "Traditional Anniversary Gift" for the our 5th anniversary it hit me. Wood is the traditional gift this year!  (We try to stick to traditional wedding gifts for the year.) So far it has been really fun. 

How amazing is that! The few ideas I did come across I was able to incorporate onto the bench. So I asked my family if anyone had a wood burning tool. 

My mom smuggled in two wood working tools on Monday and a few days later on Wednesday my friend Suzie helped me figure out a design and ended up holding the bench slightly forward for a better angle so I could burn the image. We both thought it turned out pretty good. 

Burned Image: I went with a S + A and our Wedding date of 6.21.14 slightly below it on the inside of the heart.

Yesterday was our actual Anniversary so after the bike ride to Minto Brown Park, I found some burlap ribbon to use as a bow and attached it to the bench for the unveiling. I think he liked it.

The Big Reveal

I am amazed how this particular ask became a perfect Anniversary gift for the both of us to enjoy! I am so thankful for this group and how the Anniversary gift came together. Thank you Lord for this great group and providing a way for me to participate in a community.

If you haven't joined your local "Buy Nothing Group", I highly recommend it. If you have any questions about the group feel free to ask. We've been blessed by the group already and it is so fun to be able to give things away or to fulfill a specific ask someone has posted. What a great way to build community and to meet people in your Neighborhood.

Love and Prayers ❤


  1. Oh my goodness...way too cute!! It turned out just perfect. :) Glad I could help out.


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