Oregon Lavender Destinations Trip 2019

For years my Mom and I have wanted to check out the multiple Lavender Farms that are in our State of  Oregon.  We have been to a Lavender Field before and we have been to a private Lavender Labyrinth where my brother proposed to his wife, just not any of the festivals or the bigger farms. Each year during July something happens and we never get around to going. Not this year. This year we made it happen!

In my Mother's Day gift this year, I included a little gift certificate for a day at a Lavender Farm. ( We actually used a home made gift certificate) Does anyone else have past experiences with homemade gift certificates being made with intention but get lost or never redeemed)

I did some online research to figure out where we should go to see some Lavender. It is a well known fact that Oregon has a lot of Lavender Fields. I knew it was a thing but I didn't know the extent of it and that the Oregon Lavender Association has a website and pamphlet called the "Oregon Lavender Destinations." The pamphlet includes year-round schedule of Events and Farm hours. Check out the website at the following link:  Oregon Lavender Destinations.  I came across an online version of a map and 15 Lavender Destinations listed and printed it out. My Husband took a closer look at it to figure out which ones we could go to in a day trip. He mapped out the possibility of four Lavender Destinations. The pamphlets were available at some of the Lavender Farms as well.

On July 6, 2019, My Husband, Mom and I headed North. We had the perfect weather not too hot or too sunny.  My Husband Shawn mapped out four possible places we could possibly check out that were fairly close together. I am so thankful for his willingness to help and plan fun outings.

Our first stop, Mountainside Lavender.

Yay! We made it. So beautiful!  The parking spots lined the Lavender Field.

They had good signage to be welcomed to the Lavender Farm.

The sign said to check in up at the shop first for instructions. 

More cute decor!
The farm provided scissors and baskets to collect your Lavender in. The farm had a Demonstration for extracting Lavender Oil. In the back area they had some chickens that you could look at it.

They had a little gift shop and an area explaining how the U-cut works. There was also the cutest display with Pre-cut Lavender to buy as an option as well.

There were some Lavender plants for sale too.  The farm had 22 varieties of Lavender and had them listed on a piece of paper.

 The workers were very friendly and knowledgeable. There was lots of cool decor and fun places to take pictures with your lavender bundles.

The Lavender Farm had the name of the Lavender variety at the beginning of each isle.

Six Different varieties shown here.

Another six Varieties of Lavender.

I used the walker here, it was a little tough to maneuver around. I had more fun taking pictures more than anything.

The dark purple Lavender is Amazing! 

My mom cut a bouquet. I did as much as I could, I was just thankful to be out of the house and be out in Nature. I just love the look of the Lavender in the baskets. I didn't have much energy to cut so I added the little I did to my Mom's bouquet.

Mom took some pictures of Shawn and me.

Then Shawn took some pictures of Mom and me. 

We checked out the store and made our purchases. I got postcards for my new friend in Singapore. We just started writing back and forth. One of the post card he just gave to me because it had information on the back. Mountainside Lavender is a very friendly farm. I enjoyed my time there.

On the way out we took some Pictures with our Lavender bundles by the purple bike.

Mountainside Lavender Farm had a very family friendly feel. You could spend a lot of time here taking in the beauty of all the trees, Lavender and what the farm has to offer.  We were on a mission so we ventured off to the next farm.

Lavender Destination Number 2 "Red Ridge".

This Lavender Destination ended up being a Winery.

We went in anyways to check it out. There was a large map in the gravel parking lot. We got out to check if there indeed was a Lavender Field on the grounds. Luckily, a lady came up the gravel trail and pointed us in the right direction. She said unfortunately a Wedding was scheduled for the day so we couldn't cut Lavender but she said we were welcome to look at the section of the Lavender. It was small.

Shawn pushed me in the wheel chair because it was a very steep decline down to the Lavender Field. We briefly looked at the Lavender. We saw part of the Wedding Party, here and there. It was a nice and overcast, not too hot for a Wedding Day!

So many shades of Purple!
The Red Ridge Lavender Field

My Mom went into the gift shop and then we left for the next farm.
A little Lavender up by the Gift Shop too!
Spotted a Lady Bug too!
We did get to see a full pig being roasted off the parking lot as we left so that was pretty cool. We assumed it was for the Wedding.

 I would definitely call ahead if you want to check out this destination to cut Lavender to see if a Wedding is scheduled for the day.

Lavender Destination Number 3, "Chehalem Flats"
Chehalem Lavender Farm

This Lavender Farm had a bigger gift shop and offered a lot of Lavender products as well as other items, even culinary Lavender items.

Lots of Lavender Wreaths for sale!
Outside they had a big selection of Lavender plants to purchase, even some dried lavender bouquets. Small sizes and larger size plants all for sale. It was fun to read all the names of the different Lavender varieties. The Lady was very friendly and would come out and check in on us occasionally.

Lavender Bouquets already cut to be purchased!

The Lavender Field was very pretty. 

We had the whole Lavender field to our self. 

My Mom cut a bouquet and I took some Pictures . 

I enjoyed reading all the variety names out in the Lavender.

There was a lower level as well between the parking area but I didn't have the energy to venture out there.

We got our cut Lavender Bundle and was ready for the next farm. 

A postcard for the Lavender Farm. 

Lavender Destination Number 4. "Wayward Winds Lavender" 

A beautiful drive to this Lavender Farm. 

My Husband graciously drove us from farm to farm. 
Wayward Wind Lavender Farm also has good signage.

When you drive in you are greeted with this sign and this lovely Lavender Field. 

This Farm had the largest Lavender field. The largest section was not quite ready for harvest. They said in another week it would be in full bloom.

There was a lower section as you drove in that was available for u-cut. We spent the majority of out time there.

This Farm also has a Lavender Maze. We didn't see it until we were getting ready to leave. They also have a Vintage truck near the Lavender for an awesome photo prop. I didn't have enough energy to go through the maze or go down and check out the Vintage Truck. My Husband actually got permission to drive up to the top to pick me up and take me back down to the U-cut area just as long a we didn't stir up the dust for the painters on the ground.

 This Farm also has the two white porcelain bathtubs that you can sit in for a picture opportunity with the beautiful Lavender Field in the background.

The parking was a long ways from the information table and instructions for the U-pick. They had tons of awesome gathering baskets to pick from to collect your lavender in.

I just love all the Gathering Baskets!

They had at least three painters on the premises painting Lavender scenery on canvas for the upcoming Lavender Festival. You can see one of the artists to the left of the truck.

We took some pictures in the lower level Lavender Field. My Mom cut a bouquet. I was too tired but I cut a little handful. My Husband walked back up to pay for the bouquet and brought it back down all wrapped up and ready to go.

The Fields are so beautiful! Oregon has so much to offer!

"In dreams of Lavender fields, dancing in the Summer sun, is where I always find her." D. Walton 

I would definitely come back to this Lavender Farm with more energy. It would be a great farm for kids. A great place for a photo shoots, family portraits, Senior pictures or just for fun.

Wayward Winds Lavender Farm
We had a wonderful day. The aroma of Lavender filled our vehicle with all the bundles together in the vacant seat in the back. I would recommend checking out any Lavender Farms that are near you. It is a great opportunity to get out in nature, cut some Lavender, get some photography in, and spend some quality time with your Family and Friends.

Our Lavender Bundles from Four Lavender Destinations!

If you have been to any other Lavender Farms on the list let me know how your experience was. If you have any questions on the four we visited please don't hesitate to ask.

Until next year! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

Love and Prayers ❤


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