February CRAFTEA

"All You need is love and Crafts" Who else agrees?  Our February CRAFTEA included a Heart Book Page Bunting Banner as our craft and for the tea we served the Egentid Peppermint Tea with Cocoa from Ikea  (I can't recommend it enough) along with Cranberry Vanilla Wonderland Tea by Celestial. We had a great time!

The Decor:

It is so fun to decorate and February is all about the red, pink and floral! I enjoyed the set up for this CRAFTEA I recently started a Teacup Challenge on Instagram since starting the CRAFTEA. #teacupchallenge     

It is a fun way to utilize all of the teacups that are usually just sitting in a closed cabinet. Since our Kitchen remodel we now have some open shelving. It's a perfect place for the teacups to sit out all month long and a good reminder to "Use me".  It was fun to pull out all of the floral teacups that are pink and red. Along with a Pink teapot and a floral teapot. These are my favorite things!

The Craft:

We used old Readers Digest Books that were saved from being thrown away . My friend Suzie rescued them. They were originally used at our Wedding as a part of our Wedding center pieces.  Since then we have used them for all sorts of events and craft projects.  We used the books for the base of the banner. I ended up using some chalkboard bunting banners as the template. It worked great. I also decided to precut some red hearts for the night. I figured we could use them for the banners or they could also serve as a template for other hearts. This is a simple craft but is super cute and the variations are endless.

Our finished Crafts:

The Tea:
Chocolate and teacups! Sounds good to me. Our friend Corey, brought some Paleo heart shaped cookies to share with us. They were so good! I definitely need to get the recipe. We chit chatted a little bit over tea before we worked on our crafts. I just can't get enough of the Ikea tea. I hope it is not a seasonal tea.

Part II:

February's CRAFTEA ended up with a Part II. We decided to surprise our little Niece and Nephew with some crafts and tea. It turned into a fun night with the family crafting and drinking tea. We worked mostly on Valentine's Day cards and used lots of GLITTER!

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To see how the January CRAFTEA went check out the following link:

I'm looking forward to next month! March, Daffodils, Green and my Birthday!

Love and prayers. ❤



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