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Years back I started noticing a word reoccuring in my life.  The word kept showing up,  in what I was reading, in conversations and things people gave me.  It ended up turning into a "I think the Lord is trying to teach me about this word." I wrote down my word in my journal at the time and would cut out the word and paste it in my journal too. My first word came to me in 2008 when I was going through a really tough season. This has become my "Word for the Year."

Last year my friend brought it to my attention that this is a thing. Ali Edwards has a website devoted to a word for the year. She has named it "One Little Word" and began her word journey in 2006. There is a video on her page that explains the idea. I couldn't have said it better myself! Click on the link below:


How awesome!

My friend even made me a journal to write down all my words for each year! Even though I didn't follow any of the workshops. I did go back and fill out my new journal from 2008 to present. God is so good! I love it when things like this come together! This idea brings such encouragement and joy to my life.

My Word for the Year:
2008: Trust
2009: Peace and Perseverance
2010: Joy
2011: Renew
2012: Explore and Discover
2013: Eucharisteo (Thankfulness)
2014: Love
2015: Hope
2016: Grace
2017: Intentional
2018: Joy

Ideas to incorporate a Word for the Year into your life:
1. Find a word! Ask the Lord to reveal      a word for you or zero in on an area      you are growing in/workimg on.
2. Write down the word in your                   Journal
3. Put your word somewhere you can        see it.
4. Write out the definition in your               journal.
5. Find inspirations quotes that                  include your word
6. Look up Bible verses that include          your word.
7. Record what you are learning about      your word.
8. Make a vision board with paper and      magazines or a collage with a phone    app.
9. Create a Pinterest board for your            word.
10. Set goals concerning your word              and enjoy the Word of the Year              Journey.

(Note: Customize the process to make it your own. Add your personal style to make it a reflection of what you like and who you are.) 

My Vision Boards:

2008 (Trust):

2009 (Peace):

2010 (Joy):
2011 (Renew):

2012 (Explore and Discover):

2013 (Eucharisteo Thankfullness):

2014 (Love):
2015 (hope):
2016 (Grace):
2017 (Intentional):

Check out my past "Word for the Year" words by clicking on the following links:

2017 Word for the Year-  Intentional
2016 Word for the Year- Grace
2015 Word for the Year- Hope
2014 Word for the Year- Love
2013 Word for the Year- Thankfulness
2012 Word for the Year- Explore and Discover
2011 Word for the Year- Renew
2010 Word for the Year- Joy
2009 Word for the Year- Peace and Perseverance
2008 Word for the Year- Trust

Join the Conversation

Have you heard of this before? Have you ever noticed a reoccuring word showing up in your life?  What is your Word for the Year?

Please share your experience in the comments below, I would love to hear from you.

Stay tuned to more on this years "Word for the Year."

Love and Prayers ❤



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